Nectar of the Gods

I LOVE coffee, seriously, it’s an addiction that some say is not healthy.  I will even drink decaf just so that I can enjoy a great cup of joe!

I think it all started with my dad, he would brew a pot every day and save it in his big, green thermos.  Throughout the day he would drink it, straight black and would often have me “pour him a shot”.  One of the coolest things that I learned from my dad was how to build the perfect coffee cup collection. I will leave that for another post, along with my favorite types of coffee beans.

Let’s take a drip to one of my favorite coffee bars in the world, Star Lounge Coffee Bar in the Ukrainian/Humboldt Park  district of Chicago. (mapquest of business.)

Old-School drip method

The barista will slowly pour boiling water over your perfectly roasted, fresh ground beans.  (One of the owners, J.J.Diaz, does all the roasting for the bar using a unique process .)

Star Lounge Coffee Bar

This brewing method mimics how a typical coffee machine brews for millions of grumpy people every morning.  French press or Neapolitan flip drip styles of coffee brewing are two of my other favorites, both providing similar styles of brew.  (Great resource on the different types of coffee brewing can be find here.)

I prefer cream in my coffee but half & half, or whole milk will work.  Dry creamer is one step over skim milk, which should be avoided at any cost.  In my younger days, there was no cream present but now I find I eat twice as many Rollaids if I don’t.  The pains of being old!

Cream me!

I love having fresh coffee on a Sunday morning while reading the paper and either watching CBS Sunday Morning or listening to Richard Hawley’s album,  Coles Corner, the best “Sunday morning album” on this earth.  Enjoy!

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