$5 Footlong?

You pay $10-$15 to go see a new movie right? And if you are like me, you pay $5-$7 for the same movie on a Saturday morning. Cheap-skating aside, this is an AMAZING short film, great for both men and women! It’s about a group of producers who get $5 to buy albums (that measures 12 inches long) to create a new tune. That would be the guys part. The lady’s? All of the shopping is done is thrift stores, you know, where the “real” shopping occurs.

It's music, it's vinyl, it's hip-hop, it's art!!

I am going to nerd out here for a moment and tell all you beat-junkies, vinyl heads, DJs, producers, breakers/b-boys and heads, don’t watch this movie with out time to kill afterward. Trust me, I had to go to sleep right after and it haunted me! It’s right up there with the movie Scratch (2001) in my book. I know I always appreciate seeing just how much can go in to making some great music!

Secondhand Sureshots

There are several rules regarding what you can and can’t do, but I am not going to spoil this with listing all of them. Instead, I will use the schwartz and tell you that all of these are true musicians, men who are creating music that is both refreshing and entertaining all at the same time. It proves that the word ‘instrument’ can be applied to a multitude of devices that anyone uses to create music. Toss conventional wisdom out the door, sit back and enjoy the show:

View the movie here.

I did a DJ battle that was a lot like this about a year ago- it was the same concept except the DJs had five minutes to purchase 30 records, and then got to look at those records only 30 minutes before the battle. The battle went in 3 stages, 10 minutes each stage:

Round 1: Only vinyl that was purchased that day could be used.

Round 2: Vinyl purchased plus their digital library.

Round 3: Anything goes.

I had DJ’s Scott Matelic, Metrognome and Topspeed. I had it on video and now… I can’t find it!!! But I digress….

dublab’s “SECONDHAND SURESHOTS” – Ras G clip from dublab on Vimeo.

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