Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3….

I consider myself a very lucky and fortunate person for multiple reasons, one in particular, being able to promote/DJ music(as Twinpeaks) that I love.  One of the most memorable of these experiences has been with a soul group from Chicago called The Right Now.  It was through a last minute addition to one of my shows with Old Soul, that first introduced me to this band.

Over the past several months, they have made several trips to play here in Indy, developing a great relationship between the band and myself. Besides liking their music, I really like them as people, from their manager to every member of the band, they are all great.

It was during their last trip here for their CD release party at The Jazz Kitchen, record store appearance at Indy CD & Vinyl and a video taping for My Old Kentucky Blog‘s Laundromatinee that we got to spend the whole day together.


And because they are all so cool, they gave me an AMAZING gift to say thanks. The first picture at the top is a one-of-a-kind 45″ test pressing of their new 45″ single. A test pressing is made to check the quality of the master, which will then be “copied” over and over again to make the vinyl 45″ to sell. In this case, there was a small popping sound at the start of the b-side of the test pressing, which means they have to re-cut the master before duplication can begin. So the top record is the one-and-only copy of this “mistake”.

One of five in the world.

The second picture here is the new test pressing, one of five copies, which was mistake-free and used to make the final product, the third picture. They also gave me a great Dr. Seuss card! (Long story short, my mom is a fanatic and I have a lot of respect for Dr. Seuss.) For a record geek like myself, it doesn’t really get much better than this. It’s also the reason why I choose to continue to support new music and bands that are taking an honest approach to their craft.

The "finished" product!

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