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Wounded Solider

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There are several things that come to mind when I think of the title of this blog, first being someone leaving a beer out too long to get warm.

Drinking a warm beer is NEVER fun. (via justbeerblog)

That is not what I am referring to though, I am speaking directly about myself and the difficulty that was today’s bike ride.  With the Tour de France coming up next weekend, I am all jacked up on getting out on my bike, you know, channeling my own Lance Armstrong.  It all started out fine but 7 miles into the ride, I get my first flat tire of the year.  To add to the frustration, my tire levers broke and my C02 pump was out with no back up in my bag.

I was very lucky and a gentleman stopped and let me borrow his tire levers and gave me his last C02 cannister to help me on my way.  I super grateful for him doing that.

I continued on my way and while I was stopping at a stop light, I broke my cleat on my right shoe.

My broken cleat on my right shoe.

I turned around right then to head home, like a wounded solider just hoping to make it back without any further mishaps.  It turned out to be a great ride and I am glad that I went out.  Here’s hoping the next ride will turn out better.

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