Seven Year Itch

There comes a time when everyone has to make some changes in their life, shaving my beard after seven years was my most recent one.  It came as a shock to me but after dealing with some of those ‘wonderful’ surprises life seems to hand you at times, I felt the time had come to do it.

I started off by having some fun with the whole process, leaving different types of beards and hair in interesting places on my face. The last time I shaved was for Halloween in 2003, I went as Joe Dirt, priceless.

Joe Dirt, beards, lamb chops, goetee, shaving, Kyle Hodges,Kyle Hodges, shaving, Red's Barber Shop, beards, Clubman Lilac Vegetal

Lamb chops supreme

Goetee, beards, shaving, Kyle Hodges, shaving, Red's Barber Shop, beards, Joe Dirt, Clubman Lilac Vegetal

You can catch more of my fun photos here.

Since it had been seven full years, I decided to have my face professionally shaved, the old fashion way, with a straight razor.  I went down to Red’s Barber Shop in downtown Indianapolis.  This place was great!  It was about 45 minutes for the entire process and it was the best $25 I have spent in a long time.

I started out by one of two hot towel wraps around my face, which was followed by a layer of warm shaving cream.

Red's Barber Shop, beards, shaving, Kyle Hodges,

Getting a hot towel

There was a second hot towel, then the final layer of shaving cream and the shave.  This was an experience, much like getting a facial at a salon but of course, different.  My whiskers were pretty tough and I had two rounds in certain areas just to make sure.

Red's Barber Shop, shaving, beards, Kyle Hodges, straight razor, old fashioned

The shave

Once the shave was complete, I was given a cold towel wrap on my face and then a nice dash of Clubman Lilac Vegetal Aftershave.  It did burn some but helped to seal my pores and prevent the dreaded razor rash.

And so here we are folks, clean shaven and ready to grow it back!  That’s right, this is only a temporary phase and I will be growing the beard back.  I feel a little naked without it.

Shaving, Red's Barber Shop, beards, Kyle Hodges, straight razor, old fashioned



3 Responses to “Seven Year Itch”

  1. Alltus had a wicked beard last winter, like 6-7 inches off his chin. Whe got it cut off he did the same thing. He and the barber had fun with it. Said he had the craziest handle bar stache ever hahaha

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