Money Shot

This is part II of my ‘California Dreamin” blog about my trip to San Diego & LA. (View part I, Lucha Libre here.)

Ever since Craig Ferguson came onto the boob tube, I have been a fan.  He’s funny, dresses well and damnit, that accent makes me have a man crush on him.  So when the opportunity arose to see the show, I was down.

The whole process was kind of different, we didn’t know who the music act or guest, Vampire Weekend/Lindsay Sloane, were going to be and we had to hand in our phones with security so no pictures.  The show that we were on was actually done ten days prior to its airing and was the second show recorded that Friday.  (They normally don’t record on Fridays and never two shows, we were unique.) Vampire Weekend recorded the song in January and the crowd was ‘fluffed’ so we would applaud loudly.  They also moved a pair of hot Russian ladies in better view of the camera, all in the name of good television of course!

This first video, just at the very end (minute 13:09) is when the security guy drops his walkie-talkie on the floor during taping.  You can hear it clear as day and we all had a laugh during the break about it.

This second video is my moment of fame!  At the 6:09 minute, you can actually see my right arm!  It looks like the show’s warm up comedian is getting ready to elbow me in the face but he’s just walking down the stairs.  My buddy Micah is directly behind me and gets a bonafide ‘money shot‘ for sure.

It was a great experience and Craig is hilarious when the cameras are off.  He cusses like a trucker and is very down to earth.  Wish all television personalities were like that.

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