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I Love Her Crazy Ways (V-Day DJ Mix)

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I’ve been DJing now for almost ten years yet I’ve only released a handful of DJ mixes to the general public.  Why?  I don’t know but I’m making a vow to change that this year.

This new mix has some guidelines that I placed on myself to help me create something unique.  First, it’s ONLY vinyl 45s and only ones that I have purchased in the last six months.  These records were acquired while digging/shopping in San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago and Indianapolis, at private sales, record conventions and record stores.  Some internet shopping was also  included and the prices ranged from .25 cents to over $30 dollars for a single 45.  As you can see, there are A LOT of hours, miles, dollars and emotions poured out in this mix.  I tend to focus on allowing the songs to play out and fully communicate the story they were meant to tell.

So here is my new mix, loving made for all you ladies, showing as many angles, styles and genres to celebrate all of your unique and ‘crazy’ ways.  Where would I be without the loves of my life…..where would anyone be without love in their life!  Haha, hope you enjoy it and stayed tuned for another one, featuring more jazz and funk.  As always, please feel free to let me know what you think of the post/mix.  Gracias.

To download the mix for free, click this link.   (Click the groups with links to find out more about them. I am only mentioning a few acts but please explore more if you like their music.)

Track listing:

1.   Patsy Cline “Strange”
2.   Jeannie C. Riley “Harper Valley P.T.A.”
3.   Norma Jean “Heaven Help The Working Girl”
4.   Sara Vaughn “Smooth Operator”
5.   Aretha Franklin “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
6.   Adele “Best For Last”
7.   Ray Charles “The Right Time”
8.   The People’s Choice “Let Me Do My Thing”
9.   The Shirelles “Mama Said”
11. Gloria Jones “Tainted Love”
12.  The Foundations “Now That I’ve Found You”
13.  Jean Knight “Mr. Big Stuff”
14.  Stevie Wonder “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”
15.  King Floyd “Groove Me”
16. Tom Jones “It’s Not Unusual”
17. Sugar Pie Desanto “Git Back”
18. The Right Now “7 to 10”
19.  Bobby Byrd “Back From The Dead”

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