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Coffee Breaks: Cup #1

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*Now, I don’t know about you but over the years but I’ve worked my funky white fingers to the bone. One of these jobs was working as a janitor while in college. Twice a day we were allowed two, ten minute ‘coffee breaks’. I think that ‘smoke breaks’ was more appropriate but whatever, I was glad for it.

Coffee breaks are for those times when you need that break from work, the walk around the block, the cup of coffee because the hangover is THAT bad. There are two videos, Vimeo & Youtube so that pesky IT guy won’t freak out on you.

The annoying lady at work won’t stop talking about her bunions? Your jealous coworker just crop-dust you? Or just a case of the Mondays? COFFEE BREAKS!

It’s music, it’s medicine, it’s therapy. JUST.PUSH.PLAY

The U.S. Department of Labor does not require lunch, let alone coffee breaks. Well, I won’t stand for that and neither should you. I say STAND UP people, grab your phone, put in your ear phones and press play to one of the videos below. Fight the man with the power of FUNK & SOUL!!

And for you Vimeo kids……

Coffee Breaks-Cup #1 from Kyle Hodges on Vimeo.

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