Top Music Releases of 2012

Here are my top releases for the year 2012, listed in no particular order or ranking but separated between new albums and compilations/reissues.  Enjoy

A Place To Bury StrangersWorship 

They do no wrong and you should listen to every release.

Matthew E WhiteBig Inner

Take bits of James Taylor and Cat Stevens, throw in some great r&b and you have brother White.

Ondatropica S/T

A tropical exploration brought to us by Will Holland, aka Quantic, that has bits of hip-hop mixed in and a Black Sabbath cover.

Nenah CherryThe Thing 

She should win a Grammy for this wonderful album, a mixture of jazz, lounge and pop that is superb.

Oreo JonesBetty

The best hip-hop to come out of Indianapolis, period!  Seriously, do yourself a favor and jump on the train now.

Exit MusicPassage 

Lush vocals, haunting music and a connection with Boardwalk Empire?  Yes, it’s all there in the record.


Great guitar rock album that drops vocals in at just the right time.

Melody’s Echo ChamberS/T

Produced by a member of Tame Impala, adding in glorious reverb drenched vocals into a sonic landscape of sunny bliss.

Tame ImpalaLonerism 

I worship the ground these guys walk on.

TerranovaHotel Amore

After years of pumping out great releases, this was the biggest surprise I had this year.  A symbolic electronica album with just enough dance undertones.

The Orb & Lee Scratch PerryThe Observer in the star house  

Ok, two landmarks in the electronic/dub/ambient world got together, smoked A LOT of ganga and pumped out a CLASSIC!

The Hundred In The HandsRed Night

This is how I like my “EDM” if you want to label it that way.  Blissful beats, layers of synths, warm textures, simmering drums, punch bass, yup.

The Right NowGets Over You

Modern Chicago Soul, R&B that hits it right every.single.time.

T-Bird & The Breaks Dancehall Freakin EP 

The masters of a Texas thing that I still can’t put my finger on.  A superb mix of soul, hip-hop and honky-tonk boozed swagger.

The Gossip A Joyful Noise

They do it again.  Just buy it already


An afro-psych voodoo magic laced album with fuzzy guitars and just enough hook to keep you around for hours.  An absolute MONSTER of an album that has me thinking of a new religion.


LegoweltParanormal Soul 

For anyone who loves electronic music this should be an album to pick up indeed.  Utilizing a great concept with a depth of layers, this album enters through your ears to massage your frontal lobes into repeatedly listening experiences.  Sound like too much?  Have another listen then.

V/A – Personal Space Electronic Soul 1974 – 1984 (Chocolate Industries)

This is why you have to look deeper than the radio/blogs/internet these days.  These tracks were pushing boundaries and bending genres in their day and still sound as fresh in 2012.

V/A – Twin Cities Funk & Soul (Secret Stash)

Who knew that it could go this deep and funky in MN?  Secret Stash, that’s who.  For all you who like REAL Saturday night style Funk & Soul, gritty, punchy and just enough sass to make yo mama want to slap you for not making it to church on Sunday.

DJ Food, Moneyshot & ChebaRemaking Paul’s Boutique mixtape

The Dust Brothers changed the game, LITERALLY, when they produced this album.  As genius as it still is today, DJ Food & Crew give a wonderful new twist to this classic.

V/A – Eccentric Soul Omnibus 45″ boxset (Numero Group)


Mickey MurrayPeople Are Together (Secret Stash)

James Brown’s protege (seriously) that was never released because King Records was sold and the album was shelved.  Thanks Secret Stash, yet again!

InterpolTurn on the Bright Lights 10th Anniversary (Matador)

They never made a better album, solo or otherwise.

V/A – Man Chest Hair (BMusic/Finders Keepers)

This is the ultimate rock compilation of the last decade.  I’m a Manchester junkie, so I’m biased but this, this album is so f*@king good!  Garage, punk, rock, greasy r&b, early heavy metal, it’s got all the substance you need.  Just add beer for THE party rocker!


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