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It Takes Two to Make a Pair

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Alright Kats & Kittens, Kittens & Kittens, Kats & Kats,

It’s that time of year again, my annual Valentine’s Day DJ mix hits the “airwaves”.  (If you missed last years, just click this link to read/download.)  This is my salute to love and all the joy, pain, sorrow it brings but most of all its acceptance.  Love is such an easy concept that many people have a hard time accepting.  My hope is that you listen, embrace the message and pass the love along to others to whom you have any differences with.

A quick reminder of the guidelines and some quick facts from the making of this genre-bending statement from my soul.

1. The song is originally from a 45″ vinyl record. (Later transferred in real-time to mp3.)

2. Every song can be purchased ONLY in the year 2011.

5,038 Miles (trains, plains and automobiles to visit/buy records)

1600 + songs (Close estimate) listened to before purchasing

700+ records listened to before purchasing (Close estimate)

367 records purchased

365 – Days (to acquire all the records)

13 – Record Stores that felt the presence of Kyle in their fine establishment

7 – States visited to shop for records

6 – Websites I bought from

5 Days, 7 Hours, 32 minutes (roughly)  to record, mix, master, upload, write this blog

3 – Countries vinyl was purchased from other than the US

– Turntables (Self explanatory)

1 Mix – For all the people in the world

I would love to hear feedback on your favorites and recommendations for next year’s mix.  And I also appreciate your Facebook, Tweets or emails to others about this mix, it’s meant to share!

Stream the mix (work friendly) from Twinpeaks’  Mix Cloud , or Soundcloud  will allow you to stream and download OR download zip file here.

Vinyl, Funk, Soul, Lillie Bryant, Ella Mae Morse, Kitty Kallen, Julia Lee, Lesley Gore, Mel Torme, Linda Laurie, The Stereos, The 4 Seasons, The Marvelettes, The Crystals, Etta James, Koko Taylor, Soul Sisters, Glenn Johnson, Lenny Williams, The McCoys, Tulula Babies, The Zombies, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Carla Thomas, The Dells, Eddie Kendricks, The Box Tops, THEM, Bob Seger, R.E.M.

Lillie Bryant – “Good Good Morning Baby”
Ella Mae Morse – “Lovey Dovey”
Kitty Kallen – “Little Things Mean A lot”
Julia Lee – “Snatch and Grab it”
Lesley Gore – “You Don’t Own Me”
Mel Torme – “Comin’ Home Baby”
Linda Laurie – “Ooh What a Lover!”
The Stereos – “I Really Love You”
The 4 Seasons – “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
The Marvelettes – “Please Mr. Postman”
The Crystals – “Then He Kissed Me”
Etta James – “Good Rockin’ Daddy”
Koko Taylor – “Tell Me The Truth”
Soul Sisters – “I Won’t Be Your Fool Anymore”
Glenn Johnson – “Oh Pretty Baby”
Lenny Williams – “Feelin’ Blue”
The McCoys – “Fever”
Tulula Babies – “Hurtin’ Kind”
The Zombies – “She’s Not There”
Stevie Wonder – “I Don’t Know Why”
Otis Redding & Carla Thomas – “Let Me Be Good to You”
The Dells – “I Miss You”
Eddie Kendricks – “Girl You Need A Change of Mind” (pt. 1)
The Box Tops – “The Letter”
THEM – “Baby, Please Don’t Go”
Bob Seger – “Night Moves”
R.E.M. – “The One I Love”

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