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Brainfreeze: Finding Your Break In Life

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There I was, watching my beloved Pacers finally finish off the pesky Chicago Bulls in game four of the first round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, when I heard IT.   Yes, IT, the song that makes you stop and say, who is THAT?

I’ve been associated with music for the past twelve years from record store owner, distribution, record labels, etc, I still keep up with what is going on through blogs, (MOKB, Perfectly Chilled Funk and Soul) record store shopping, (Indy CD & Vinyl, Luna Music, Dusty Groove, Amoeba), what my friends are listening to, the whole gambit.  There is still something to be said when a commercial makes me stop what I am doing, hit my Shazam app and find out who did the song! (It took three apps to find out, as SoundHound and Soundtracking couldn’t identify the song.)

I’ve been a beneficiary of having a song on the television, my group, Mystikos Quintet was featured on Lip Stick Jungle, Family Jewels and others so I know what it feels like. When commercials that make me go and to find artists/songs, it leaves my head spinning like my favorite 45″.  Wait, it gets better……

I find out that the song is from the ‘album’ called Brainfreeze, a compilation of vinyl 45’s mixed together by two of my favorite DJs, Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow.  Great right? There’s more……I OWN that limited edition vinyl LP.  And the cherry for this sundae?  The record was sitting in my pile of hip-hop LPs that I was about to list on Ebay!!

DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Brainfreeze, DJ mix, vinyl

Brainfreeze LP

So there I was, laughing at myself for a hot minute of craziness, only to find that what I was looking for was right in front of me the whole time.  It got me thinking of what other things I am missing out on that are also right in front of my face.  I’m going to make sure that I take the time to open my eyes and ‘discover’ what I have been missing and I know the perfect song to play while I do it.


Turning Over A New Leaf

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The Indianapolis Museum of Art’s One Hundred Acres was the perfect place to visit on a beautiful Saturday in the fall.  I had yet to take in the sites of this art and nature park so I ventured out with a group of friends for the afternoon.  I was really excited to visit the art installation by Type-A, a duo of artists that my music project, Mystikos Quintet, is providing the soundtrack for the documentary being produced by IMA.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 100 Acres, The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, Type A, Mystikos Quintet, Kyle Hodges, Fall, Brown County State Park

IMA One Hundred Acres


In addition to those pictures, I took out my phone and shot some from my friend/music partner Greg Rode’s house.  I happened to look out the window while we were meeting and the sites just took my breath away.  These all remind me of growing up in southern Indiana, bike trips in Brown County State Park and just enjoying being outdoors.  Let me know your favorite places to enjoy fall or pictures you might have, I’m always game for nature.  You can see all the photos here.

Indianapolis Museum of Art 100 Acres, The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, Type A, Mystikos Quintet, Kyle Hodges, Fall, Brown County State Park

Dead leaves on the dirty ground


Derby Pie

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I recently went to the opening of Napolese, the new restaurant from the owners of Cafe Patachou.  I was accompanied by my favorite roller girl, Noxious Donna.  I ordered the margherita pie, I feel that it’s a simply dish that will showcase how well Napolese can do pizza.  Overall, it wasn’t bad but you could tell the guys didn’t know the oven as well as they should.  The other bummer of the night was that we were not informed prior to ordering that only 1/2 of the menu was available that night, no bueno.  Despite this, we will definitely be back, as the food was high quality and I see the improvements easy to make.

The Margherita Pizza at Napolese

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3….

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I consider myself a very lucky and fortunate person for multiple reasons, one in particular, being able to promote/DJ music(as Twinpeaks) that I love.  One of the most memorable of these experiences has been with a soul group from Chicago called The Right Now.  It was through a last minute addition to one of my shows with Old Soul, that first introduced me to this band.

Over the past several months, they have made several trips to play here in Indy, developing a great relationship between the band and myself. Besides liking their music, I really like them as people, from their manager to every member of the band, they are all great.

It was during their last trip here for their CD release party at The Jazz Kitchen, record store appearance at Indy CD & Vinyl and a video taping for My Old Kentucky Blog‘s Laundromatinee that we got to spend the whole day together.


And because they are all so cool, they gave me an AMAZING gift to say thanks. The first picture at the top is a one-of-a-kind 45″ test pressing of their new 45″ single. A test pressing is made to check the quality of the master, which will then be “copied” over and over again to make the vinyl 45″ to sell. In this case, there was a small popping sound at the start of the b-side of the test pressing, which means they have to re-cut the master before duplication can begin. So the top record is the one-and-only copy of this “mistake”.

One of five in the world.

The second picture here is the new test pressing, one of five copies, which was mistake-free and used to make the final product, the third picture. They also gave me a great Dr. Seuss card! (Long story short, my mom is a fanatic and I have a lot of respect for Dr. Seuss.) For a record geek like myself, it doesn’t really get much better than this. It’s also the reason why I choose to continue to support new music and bands that are taking an honest approach to their craft.

The "finished" product!

Cat in the Hat

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I would not consider myself to be a fashionable person or shall I say one that follows fashion trends.  I do have several rules that I live by and I am just lucky that my style happens to not be too out of touch.

My favorite Goorin Bros hat.

A staple in the wardrobe are newsboy/flat cap/duckbill.  I have several kinds, from Kangol, H & M, Target, etc.  My favorite happens to be this Goorin Brothers (Pittsburgh, PA) that I got from Silver in the City on Mass Ave.  They have been around since 1895 and know how to make some wicked hats!

Today’s music selection is from the notoriously hip music maker himself, David Holmes.  You might have heard a couple of his songs, as he composes the scores for Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13.  Muy bueno.

I’ve Got My Orange Crush

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Here’s a quick, refreshing orange fueled smoothie to drink anytime of the day!  I took two fresh organic oranges, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup of half & half, one tablespoon of coconut butter and blended it all together for a delicious drink.

Kyle's "orange crush"

Depending on the time of day, you can add either ice cubes or ice cream to make this baby really pop!

My post would not be complete without a tune to pass along, so here you go, R.E.M’s “Orange Crush”, filmed live at The Point Depot, Dublin on 26th and 27th February 2005. Directed by Blue Leach.

I Said No Salt On My Margarita!

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I must confess, I don’t really like margaritas (especially with salt on them!)  My buddy Steve used to walk around saying that totally out of context, fun.  **update-I have mistakenly referenced the WRONG movie in this post.  Yes, I know, stupid on my part and I should have known better, I published a big blunder.  The quote is from Milton of Office Space, much apologies people.  So without further ado, I give you Milton, in all his glory.

"I said no salt in my margarita, no salt!"

This post has nothing to do with margaritas, just salt.  For tonight’s meal, I didn’t use ANY salt, instead I used fresh orange juice and garlic.  You might also notice a theme for this week: chicken, mushrooms and asparagus.  We get a farm fresh delivery each week and we tend to use the ingredients until they are gone.

I marinated a 6oz. organic chicken breast in fresh orange juice and garlic for about 25 minutes.  I marinated the asparagus in olive oil and garlic powder (powder makes a nice little crusty coating when it’s grilled.)  I am hooked on herb goat cheese so the mushrooms got stuffed with it.  After I grilled the chicken( about 9 minutes) I squeezed the rest of the orange onto it.  Delicious!

Not bad, a little smoke, earth with a slight fruity finish

A little glass of Shiraz and a couple orange jelly slices and it’s a great night!

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